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Complaints attention: In love, life runs like a quiet river. All those who need to make decisions should consider before they act. Make your decisions mental as if they were plans. Some natives of this sign will have some difficulty in making decisions about future violations or new relationships. This mental side will be very active, making them think and also hesitate. In general, try to be more optimistic and determined. I know it's wise to make full awareness decisions, but don't think about it this year because you can lose the "train". Others will tend to be obsessive and not free themselves to fly in new directions. Aim: to escape from utopias and platonic love and to believe in what is revealed and demonstrated. Don't feed false hopes. Unlike thoughts that can lead to regression. For those who already have a relationship, the tank will fly, fly and fly.


Trust more: At the sentimental plane, natives tend to feel misunderstood, slightly rejected, but this is just an impression that only exists in the head. It is they with their great occupation, who have their spirit filled with a thousand and one thing, which goes through occasions and opportunities without giving. This year should be lived like never lived, fully exploited every moment the affective life will give and worry less about what can happen in their relationships … Of course, romance is needed, the natives like it, but also you should not forget to know how to provoke it. They must be less sensitive and emotional and must rely more on the person they really have in front of them, the one they really like and who they choose to share a part of their life with. A Notice for Natives to Start New Relationships … These can be somewhat problematic, as lack of confidence can undermine the good development of a relationship that begins to grow and will never be able to find full happiness this year. Don't let the foundations collapse and remain calm, defend your position. At the family level, they should avoid unnecessary discussions and try to have quiet moments in the family to be able to dialogue, listen to what others have to say to seriously experience what is happening. Don't neglect the elderly … In this field you may suffer some emotional loss. You have to accept the laws of one's life.


Grow the charm: Love can hang in the air, but the letter Bureau invites this year to a completely different attitude to existing conditions and no doubt to future relations. Secret must be avoided and all native true purposes revealed. Only then will others understand what you really want, and in this way you come to a good understanding. Knowledge and meetings this year will give the impression that they are developing calmly and may not bear fruit. That they promote calm does not mean that they do not succeed. However, be aware of the profits, do not go this typical diplomacy to this sign to get others to get a picture of someone "without salt", and thus make a false judgment that can lead to opportunities being lost. Especially in the sentimental field. Never let people make the wrong sense. Surrender yourself to the beloved arms and live without false modesty. They must continue to cultivate this charm that is special and above all not to be afraid to live their own lives. The letter Bureau invites dialogue and openness.


Changes are coming: Some confrontations, which can lead to sudden, or even desired, change in the direction of sentimental life. Existing couples will experience deep crises. This means that these crises, or will contribute to a greater approach between couples, or therefore nothing remains as before. All native to crab will be more predisposed to love and to have a strong tendency to only physical temptation. Given this, it will be careful to examine the beliefs and motivations for unexpected changes. The family will also give some concern for older people. Try to take the time to pay attention to them. In relation to the children, listen to them, because sometimes they give characters that are not properly appreciated. It is a strong year for natives who are thinking of being mothers for the first time but may have some postpartum depressive problems.


Nothing is as before: In sentimental and family life, some changes can be expected. The choices you make will be important for personal well-being and confirmation. Do not hesitate to impose your own ideas. It will be a difficult task, but you have to look ahead, roll up your sleeves and build a future, free from your own moorings, fears and modesty. Passion can come in a sweeping way and almost provoke an existential crisis, but try to live in the present without future worries, for it will only prevent them from being happy. Couples in the breakdown phase can transform their relationships and find new horizons. They should pay particular attention to oral and body language. Reflect on the mistakes you have already made and do not repeat them. The statement must be spontaneous. Sentimentally, nothing remains as before; The foundation that will be created will be clean, durable and stimulating for a future project of life to two.


Separate wheat from the coffee: They will be predisposed to love and surrender, seek new experiences and new points of interest. The natives who are alone can now meet new meetings, but be aware, understand if they are just an adventure or a more serious relationship. Let us be careful of the false promises and the bad intentions that sometimes lead to despair. When you meet someone, you should ask about their existence, their true feelings, and their true purpose. Refuse to suffer, be decisive in their decisions. When you can, try to dial and separate the wheat from the cafeteria. Don't be ripped off by situations that can hurt you. Let life take care of showing you the true feelings naturally. Have a more confident attitude so you can enjoy the healthy moments your life offers. During this year, love will have strong chances of success.


Possible marriage: There are profound changes in state of mind and behavior. Some will have a tendency to settle down and turn to their immediate family. It is not a year of strong meetings, nor of sweeping passions, but if so, know that it is soon a two-life project, marriage or community life. Those who have long obligations, this year can officially publish their relationships and find the basis for a stable and promising future life. However, they will have a negative tendency to neglect their social life and even the attention they can give to their friends. Try to make an effort to feed the friends you already have and not let them die for lack of attention. Absorbed by family and professional life, they have little time and energy left to dedicate themselves to their social circles. Make an effort in that direction.


Cupid wondering: New challenges may arise and there is a need to transform all life. Marriage applications will benefit and existing conditions will be promising. If you are uncommitted, widowed or divorced, you are unhappy with new flights and commitments to a two-way relationship, safe, stable and enriching. Give up feelings of possession and let life smile at you. When they are alone, they will be accompanied and vice versa. This pessimism just pollutes our existence and just doesn't make us enjoy the good times. The motto is to start over, innovate and change. Those who have long sought their soul mate can this year find a rapturous love and enveloped in great passion. Get caught by Cupid. They can move away from home, city or country, to live this new life intensely. They have everything for this year to be successful and to travel for a safe and different life.


Beware of indecision: The natives who are in the breakdown phase can find a warm reconciliation this year and even begin a life of two with new bases. What is important is dialogue, openness of mind, some understanding and are the ingredients for a sentimental life to succeed. Both pride and leave an opportunity or an open door. Beware of indecision. Don't hurt anyone who wants to repent. Also note the holes themselves: inner fears that make irreparable mistakes. Many natives will take an attitude of introspection. It will make them good only if this introspection is profitable. Depressive introspects are not useful and they practice negativism because they only delay personal evolution. Conditions that are not official will tend to solidify. So enjoy it and have a more positive attitude. Stop being possessive and want to be the center of attention.


Beneficial Seduction Capacity: Some natives will feel the need to formalize one
relationships or starting a life together, but even in a union they will feel the need to maintain their own space. So, next to someone, they will be able to discover, every day, a new facet or point in their personalities. However, natives who are alone will find it difficult to find a stable and lasting relationship, because the need suffers from being accompanied, can lead them to judgment and fail to separate love and reason. But I'm not saying they're going to be aunts or clean up a shelf, as the capacity of seduction is influenced by the letter The Honors, which will make them a little more proud and proud this year of their appearance. So, new, date more, requires more than one relationship, but let your hands flow naturally and you will see that fate will surprise.


Promising new relationships: In the case of unmarried or unmarried natives, this may be a sweeping year. Not only will they find, perhaps their soul mate, how they will be matched. At the same time, they will draw strong benefits from the conditions that began during this period. They will be promising relationships that develop quietly and quietly, respecting a common base and slow but enduring evolution. However, limit the edges and know how to dispense your jealousy so you don't waste everything. Sensitivity will be due to skin and sensuality as well. Charm will be the great asset, use it, abuse it. They will also have a strong inner strength for humanitarian aid, which can lead them to embrace causes and engage in social work. This excess energy will translate into the need to have a hobby. Throughout the year, an evolutionary and beneficial process will take place in the construction as a human being.


Why not forgive? New opportunities can arise in the sentimental field. Stable and lasting relationships can be consolidated. However, let the sensitivity flow and not be shy with false modesty, taboos or hesitation. Continuing, for the energy that will preserve them, will be a discovery energy in sentimental terms that can change the lives of the natives who are alone, as well as those whose marriage or relationship may be in the process of demolition or conflict. Forgiveness may be the best solution if feelings are still strong and whether there is willingness on both sides. You will live a strong year in emotions that will lead to emotional stability. In family life, they must accept the development of their children, how they have grown up, their ideas, their academic orientations, which are not always the native desires, but still need attention and support. There is no purpose to oppose the child's will. They should help them grow and not oppose ideas.

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