Love comeback with Domenico De Cicco and ex-girlfriend

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Shortly before Domenico De Cicco meets her former boyfriend Evelyn Burdecki in the jungle, 35-year-old tells him he is back in a relationship – albeit with another ex-girlfriend.

Domenico De Cicco and the women – it's a special chapter. The former graduate candidate met at the RTL show "Bachelor in Paradise" at the former bachelor candidate Evelyn Burdecki. Both became a couple, but love should not last long. For the 30-year-old himself became a nightmare. After two months, Domenico appeared to be a father. His ex-girlfriend Julia was pregnant – Evelyn broke up and broke off contact.

Before heading to Australia, follow Julia Domenico to Frankfurt Airport. (Source: image)Before heading to Australia, follow Julia Domenico to Frankfurt Airport. (Source: image)

However, both meet in the seasonal jungle camp, which starts Friday. But fans hope for a love comeback will be disappointed. The "picture" now tells Domenico that he is back with the mother of his child. "After my daughter, Julia and I have become acquainted with each other in a new way," says the TV star.

The 26-year-old also took his girlfriend to the airport in Frankfurt, where he took off the RTL show in the direction of Australia. According to the newspaper, he also said to the meeting with Evelyn: "It's fun to meet them again, it wasn't nice how we parted, I respect them, and I hope they respect me too," says logistics manager,

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