Lorne Michaels pressed the writers of & # 39; SNL & # 39; so that they could rest easy with Donald Trump

adminOctober 11, 2018

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Today in "the media helped to promote the rise of Donald Trump to power," an anecdote from the Saturday night live stage.

The creator of the Lorne Michaels series seemingly pressed SNL writers to soften his handling of then-candidate Trump during his presidential career. The revelation comes from Taran Killam, a six-season veteran of the program who left in 2016.

"Lorne was so specific about what we could and could not say about him," Killam said during a recent appearance on the I Was There Too podcast.

"Lorne says:" It will be too old news by then, and you know, you do not want to revile him … I know him, I've seen him at parties for years and years, and he just says whatever. thinking, and that's his thing, but … you have to find a way that makes it nice. "

According to Killam, Michaels exerted pressure because he wanted to reserve the future president of the United States as guest host. That ended up happening, in November 2015, just a few months after Trump formally announced his candidacy.

That has changed everything in later years, of course. SNL (in) the famous Trump pinchos and his administration / all the establishment of the Republican Party broken by his temerity. The series is a favorite target of new / off / off Trump bully pulpit on Twitter.

So there's a funny anecdote to eat it while the countdown to the mid-term elections of 2018 is below the one-month mark! REGISTER AND VOTE.

[h/t TV Line]

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