No, that was not the actor David Schwimmer who stole beer from a restaurant in Blackpool, England, on October 20.

The hilarity occurred when the Facebook page of the Blackpool police shared a photo on Tuesday of a suspect stealing a bunch of beer cans, which looked a lot like the "Amigos" actor.

"Do you recognize this man?" The post read, accompanied by a photo of the alleged criminal. "We want to talk to him about a robbery at a Blackpool restaurant on September 20."

Facebook users responded to the resemblance of the suspect with Schwimmer with a wave of "Friends" jokes in the comments of the publication.

"I do not think it was this guy's day, his week, his month or even his year …" wrote one commentator, referring to the most beloved topic of the program.

"Rest of him, he grew up with Monica, IF YOU WOULD NOT EAT FAST DO NOT EAT," another superior comment was read, alluding to another well-known "Friends" quote.

The Blackpool Police page also responded to the joke comments, confirming that the suspect could not have been Schwimmer.

"Thank you all for your quick answers," reads the commentary. "We have investigated this matter thoroughly and we have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in the United States on this date, and we regret that this has been the case."

Blackpool police have not confirmed whether a victim is at liberty for the crime.


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