Look, come back! Oana will break the stars in her own show

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Currently, Oana Zavoranu (45) lives a beautiful love affair with Alex Ashraf (30 years old) and is a successful businessman. Her life has changed radically after he inherited his family's fortune, but has never given up the dream of having a word in showbiz. Therefore, after several negotiations with various TV stations, Oana Zavoranu chose to have her own online show.

Brunette wants to dismantle the stars who use their admirers and sell them to lead a single life. "Don't take it to say it's good or good! Someone who is paid to tell you which cream to use or which lipstick to give or something can never be a fair and well-advised man to give you advice. only good care advertising made by conviction and no hidden interests, for example, I! What I tell you that I like or are good or trying or buying, you can be 100% sure that it is only because I am not paid for to say that the product or brand is good or bad, it's simply my pure and sincere opinion, like a consumer, buy, customer, shared with you something real and right, "the star explained.

"Come back in 2019! Don't believe in these" ninies "that have been called" influencers. "What, God forgive me, affects it? Because they basically don't make two money without the moca products they receive because they militate and have the nerve. and without the undeserved attention given to "brainwashing" you through insistence and repeatability! Learn to be intelligent with your money and your choices, so you won't have any disappointments and throw your money for nothing, "La Oana Zavoranu added. .

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