Logan Paul says he is not "canceled" after a controversy over the video of the suicide

adminOctober 31, 2018

Almost a year after calling attention to his "suicide forest" video, controversial YouTuber Logan Paul says his career is far from over.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul spoke about his life and his career in the wake of the infamous video of a suicide victim in the Japanese forest Aokigahara Paul posted on his YouTube channel on New Year's Day. The video almost immediately provoked protests, which led to a large number of professional repercussions, including the fact of including it in a list of "canceled" stars over the Internet. It is a statement that Paul rejects outright.

"Good luck trying to cancel me," Paul said. "It's very easy for anyone to be like," Logan Paul has just finished his career, it's over. "But the only person who will ever decide if that's true is I. Like, if I sleep the rest of my life. life, maybe, but, like, dog, I love this shit, create, it's my passion. "

And Paul could not be wrong when it comes to his "canceled" status. Despite his personal life having a bit of success after a break with Protection agents Star Chloe Bennet, her professional life seems to be slowly returning to normal. Earlier this month, YouTube Premium (previously known as YouTube Red) was launched Weight loss: a new world order, a sequel to the dystopian thriller of the 2016 service, Weight loss, in which Pablo starred.

The sequel was put on hold after the controversial Aokigahara forest video and there was no updated information on the fate of the film until the trailer appeared on Paul's channel. Paul also shared it on Twitter, writing "surprise" together with an emoji demon. The release of the movie surprised some, but according to YouTube, Paul is currently in good standing with the platform's policies. The ads have been restored to his account, and Paul is also looking at the future of his creative works, a future that could take him away from video and the world of podcasting with his soon-to-be-released Impaulsive.

"If I'm going to do something, I could do it," Paul said.

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