Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet abandon him after three months of appointments

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Chloe Bennett, Logan Paul

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Another bite the dust! Youtuber Logan Paul and the girlfriend actress Chloe Bennet They have been divided, report multiple outputs.

Rumors of a relationship began to swirl after the two Little girl of the valley co-stars were seen vacationing on the shores of Hawaii together, about a month after Bennet broke up with Living Dead star Austin Nichols. At that time, the duo remained silent about the reason behind their seemingly romantic escape, but it was not long before the fans demanded answers.

Then, as any Youtuber would, Logan took Chloe to her channel to answer the questions of her fans. "I have to address this," Paul said in the vlog. "I'm very transparent with you, Chloe and I are friends, of course, in my opinion, friends sometimes kiss."

He continued: "If you have not kissed your friends, I do not believe your friends, so that's what Chloe and I were doing."

Chloe Bennet, Logan Paul

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After he finished joking, "Chlogan" became honest about what was really happening between them. "It's a bit uncomfortable because this puts us in a position where you may be forced to label what this is, but we do not know what it is," Logan said.

Then it was Chloe's turn to talk and she was not in the same jovial way as Logan. She said: "F – k, paparazzi hiding in a bush, that 's all I need to say here. Oh!

With their questions answered by sorta, the fans began to question why Protection agents. Star was dating Logan Paul, especially after his controversial Suicide Forest vlog in Japan.

So Bennet gave them the answers they seemed to desperately need. "Because he is kind, creative, funny, with a vibrant curiosity for life, rare as F – k in all the best ways, a great idiot, and is one of my best friends," he explained. Twitter. "It does not make sense to a lot of people, but neither does it, it has changed my life for the better and I've done the same for it."

Soon after, the couple bought a pig called Pearl Bing Bing together. And according to Logan's publication, it seems he received custody of the adorable creature.


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