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adminNovember 21, 2018

Welcome to our Live WWE SmackDown Watching the party. Tonight's show comes from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

– Tonight's WWE SmackDown opens with a video pack showing Charlotte Flair's highlights against RAW champion Ronda Rousey in Survivor Series.

– We're live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles when Tom Phillips welcomes us to SmackDown. He joined Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We go straight to the ring and Charlotte Flair to pop. Greg Hamilton makes the introduction.

Flair takes the microphone and starts singing "thank you Charlotte". Flair says yes, thanks to her. She says that last Sunday she hit the most evil woman on the planet and is very proud of it. Flair taunts Rousey and asks if he is looking for an apology. Flair says that Rousey will not find one because he does not feel it. Flair says he enjoyed every second of hitting Rousey's ass. Flair says that on Sunday it was for SmackDown, it was for his girls in the locker room and it was for the champion. Fans sing "Becky!" now for the SmackDown women's champion Becky Lynch. Flair says he has spent half his career fighting and with Becky, but on Sunday he fought for her. Becky told Flair to give Rousey the beating she would do and Flair says he took it very seriously, turning it into his mission. Mission accomplished, says Flair. Flair says that Rousey bowed to The Queen. The music interrupts and SmackDown General Manager Paige exits.

Paige says that Flair does not have to apologize. Paige says she can talk about the SmackDown universe when she says they enjoyed watching what Flair did to Rousey. Paige says Rousey says he's going to finish what he started in Survivor Series. Flair points out how TLC It is the next pay-per-view. Flair says that if Rousey pokes his nose into his business again, Flair will stick his head in another chair and stomp on it again and again. Because nobody crosses with Flair. Paige says that's why she's here – Flair snapped. Paige tells us how she got 5 referees. Flair says they were on their way. She laughs. Paige says you put your hands on the officers under the circumstances. Paige says that Flair does not leave her another option as General Manager. Some fans boo. Paige says she is fining Flair with $ 100,000. Flair smiles. The musical successes and successes of The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

The IIconics ask Paige what she is doing. They say he's acting like Flair did on Sunday, but on steroids. They know they are Paige's favorites, everyone knows it. They enter the ring now. The IIconics say they want to do Paige a favor by taking the $ 100,000. Flair says his future is one of them becoming the next Rousey Round. They look scared now. Flair throws a "wooo!" To them and their music starts. The IIconics seek to get out of the ring when Flair takes off her robe. It seems we have a coincidence, but they did not do a good job in establishing that in the end. We go to the store while Flair stares at them.

Charlotte Flair vs Billie Kay

Back from rest and go for it. Flair fights out of control and drops Billie. Flair drops his knee like a worried Peyton watches from ringside. Flair catches a kick and knocks Billie down. Flair goes for Figure Four, but Billie goes out and slides to the floor to regroup with Peyton.

Flair follows the ground and blocks a shot, dropping Billie with a right of his own. Billie ends up dropping Flair on the floor with a big boot, thanks to Peyton's assistance. Billie brings him back to the ring and causes Flair to finish a count of 2 while Peyton encourages her. Flair looks for a pin for Billie, but Billie kicks her in the face with the pins. Billie steps on Flair in the corner. Billie distracts the referee, allowing Peyton to pull Flair through his hair. Billie gives Flair another boot for a count of 2.

Billie and Peyton continue to scream while Billie controls the game. Flair returns right away and hits a falling punch, throwing Billie through the ring. Flair hits natural selection and covers the pin to win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

– After the game, Flair stops when the music plays. She asks for a microphone. Flair says wait, only one of them is round rousey. She says Peyton is here, so why not go back to the ring to fight? The fans sing "yes!" And Flair says he does not have all day. Peyton helps Billie down, but she hesitates to go back inside. Flair says he will play clean and square while Peyton puts on his apron slowly. Peyton enters the ring but immediately throws himself to the floor while the fans boo. Flair stares at The IIconics down s Tom wonders if we'll have another game. We are going to commercial as the screen is divided. We see Peyton getting ready for the game while Flair holds his arm behind his back and waits on one knee. The match begins as the commercial continues.

Peyton Royce against Charlotte Flair.

Back of the break and the game is underway. Peyton dominates Flair and makes some attempts to pin, arguing with the referee. Peyton connects with one knee. She goes for another knee but Flair dodges and rolls her up for a count of 2. Peyton returns and levels Flair by another 2 points. Peyton keeps Flair punished now.

Flair gets up and defends herself. Peyton distracts the referee, allowing Billie to catch her from behind the apron. Flair blocks a kick and drops Peyton with a large boot. Billie ends up hitting the ring and attacking Flair for disqualification.

DQ winner: Charlotte Flair

– After the game, the double team of The IIconics Flair as fans sing for Becky. They throw her out of the ring while the boos continue. They try to get a steel chair but the timekeeper grabs it. They turn towards a double Flair spear. Flair downloads them now and repeatedly hits their faces on the bulletin board at the same time. Flair sends Billie to the barrier and charges with a knee in the face. Flair sends Peyton to the steel ring steps now. Flair throws Billie and Peyton on the bulletin board now. Flair stands on the billboard and raises her arms as the music plays.

– Rey Mysterio is behind the scenes with words for Randy Orton. Rey mentions what Orton recently did to Jeff Hardy. King continues and says that Orton can be at the top of his game, but also King. Orton vs. Mysterio will take place later tonight.

– We see how Daniel Bryan won the WWE title of AJ Styles last week. Bryan will be here live tonight.

– We see The Miz backstage heading to the ring for Miz TV. Back to commercial

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