Live Lifestyle Studios are preparing to launch the new Walid Tawfiq video

adminNovember 26, 2018

Lifestyle Studios is set to launch her new album with the great singer Walid
Tawfiq, a clip of "Bajar Ali Bakhar" filmed under the leadership of Ziad
Khoury, in Kiev and produced by Live Style Studios.

The song is expected from the text of Ahmed Madi and composed by Walid Tawfiq and will be a sequel
For a number of successes gathered by the Arab star in "Life Style Studios"
Who produced him many songs and video clips like "Sweet Sweet Beirut", "World
"" Habina "," Ruah "and others, as well as a number of albums.

On the other hand, Walid Tawfiq is in Egypt to complete the registration number
Of the songs as well as to film their ring for a satellite channel.

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