LIVE – Hallyday trial: David and Laura would not "choke" Laeticia, but an event changed everything!

adminNovember 27, 2018

11:42: Meg Piccio (always for David) concludes that they never had "the last word in history to know Laeticia Hallyday (real) legacy" and assured that she has benefited from many donations during Johnny's lifetime, claiming that she is far from getting rid of. It also remembers that Band Rockeur, the California company actually receiving the current royalties from record companies, which is already half owned by Laeticia. Therefore, the interest in knowing "who perceives what" …

11:36: Mr. Douvier for David elicits "a double sentence where we see spinning assets and income from one side and the other we would be debt debt" if French justice decided to apply the French law to the inheritance.

11:31: Meg Ravanas slides by "they learned yesterday that she (Laeticia) would buy a part of a California property" so she has income.

11:29: In addition to freeze, the two senior advocates Johnny ask for contracts and reviews at Warner, Sony, Universal. These contract numbers are displayed in the U.S. procedure. They want to "know" what it really is.

11:25: Why did not they ask about this freeze in February, it provokes the following reasons: First, they did not trust the trust when they did not want to "choke" Laeticia. But since July 12, the manager asked that royalties come within their scope … that changed the situation!

11:23: Meg Ravanas reminds quickly that "French justice is competent." When Johnny and Laeticia made the decision to adopt Jade and Joy, they chose to do it in front of French judges. This shows their attachment to this French system. "And he remembers Laeticias words in his interview at the point:" She said that when marrying Johnny, she had married France, the Eiffel Tower! "

11:20 AM Carine Piccio for David Hallyday: "We do what we have, that is, nothing at all. We need documents! To complete and refine our requests."

At 11:10 am For Laura Smet, Ravanas answered that French justice was seized before the US court (February to July). And that the judge of preliminary relief is competent for urgent and conservatory measures, and also mentions the Parisian record label, not Nanterre.

11:02: Arnaud Albou of Laeticia believes that David and Laura should have intervened in California law to oppose the transfer of royalties. Not in front of the French judge. He asks, alternatively, that the competent judge is the one of Nanterre who has already been seized for inheritance.

10:42 The hearing continues. Again, the referee does not give the referral request. Laeticias lawyers will talk first. The latter invokes exceptions to incompetence, French justice …

10:27: The journalists who are present on the site are developing a "collective goal".

10:25: Ms Amir-Aslani of Laeticia appeals to the president's "wisdom" and requests that it be sent back after January 2019. The elders' lawyers are "even more suspicious".

10:21 Laeticias lawyer asks for a "short reference" to get in a legal state.

10:17: One of Laura's lawyers interferes with the president by saying that he has just passed a letter, a letter from a US lawyer saying that a trustee's termination has no consequence. But she is challenged.

10:16: The court refuses the termination!

10:10: After Laeticias lawyer explained that: finding a new administrator should take "months" and that they need time to take the consequences of this termination, the court goes back to deliberately on dismissal.

10:07: The lawyers to Laura and David point out that this trustees surprise agreement does not raise the question of the hearing on January 22, which will be held in California. "If it's suspended", make sure your side attorneys by Laeticia. "No, we checked yesterday" immediately retorted David and Laura.

10:01: The three record companies agree to "continue their practice" which is not to pay royalties and royalties to anyone without the estate being settled. Laura and David's lawyers want the Bank of America to also commit to not doing anything about these funds. The organization's lawyer reassures them. But everyone was surprised by this resignation.

9:50 am ALERT – Bank of Americas lawyer announces that his client was terminated as a trustee six days ago and therefore asks for the termination of proceedings pending the appointment of a new manager …

9:46: The hearing is open

9:24: Laura Smet, Laeticia and David Hallyda's attorneys discuss before the hearing starts …

9:20 am Journalists appear in courtroom

Update the situation before the consultation begins:

It is today that Justice is studying Laura and David's desire to freeze 75% of the singer's royalties. They correspond, which rightly indicates point, to the part that would return to the four children of the rocker if the French law was applied to the legacy, the rest was paid to the wife. An amount estimated at between 600,000 and 1 million euros.

The flip-flop's biological children are in urgent need of the action. They are afraid to see that all of this money falls into the widows safe, ruled by the Bank of America.

You will be able to follow, on, progress in the experiment, as well as the many events or reactions surrounding this meeting that are crucial to the Hallyday clan, completely demolished.

According to relatives, quoted by Closer, mother of Jade and Joy, 43 years old and proud to have the single-handedly promo of the last album by Taulier who met a great success would not be at all worried. "David and Laura will be stunned for me"she would have trusted her feelings.

Justice will determine the case in March 2019. It will be a matter of deciding whether California law may apply to Johnny's property or not.

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