Live broadcast shock confession "My wife cheated on me while I was pregnant"

adminDecember 28, 2018

Viral in Hosted Life is Everything & # 39; The program in the studio shocked a confession came. An audience connected to the phone and not wanting to give the name claimed she was unfaithful to the factory driver where she was pregnant when she was divorced.

Ankara, the program looks after the audience, & my wife lived at the factory with the factory driver having an affair. I made him confess it one day after that. I just filed for divorce and I was divorced. I had custody of my first child. But I've never seen my other child. Because I'm in doubt that my other child is not mine. I filed a lawsuit for DNA testing through my lawyer, he said. Nur Viral was shocked by confessions in the live broadcast, "Everyone is born, but not everyone can mum," he said.

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