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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Zane Lowe gave The Chemical Brothers' brand new track MAH's world premiere at his Apple Music & # 39; Beats 1 & # 39; show at 17:00 GMT today and now the band has split the track, which is accompanied by a visual filmed at their recently sold London show at London's Alexandra Palace. Directed by Marcus Lyall and with visuals created by Adam Smith & Lyall, the clip takes a taste of the online duo's live play, considered one of the best performances in the world, and you can check it out below.

As previously reported by uDiscover Music, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons recently re-edited new music across their social platforms, and officially revealed MAH's upcoming arrival on Sunday, January 6th.

MAH is the sequel to The Chemical Brothers & # 39; s acclaimed "Free Yourself", which was released in September 2018, and was later accompanied by an extraordinary video filmed by the band's long-standing partners, Dom & Nic.

Eight months in production, the "Free Yourself" clip uses innovative visual effects and motion technology to tell a near future factory robot release story.

To work with "Free Yourself", Chemicals said "long-term collaborative duo Dom & Nic:" Why would artificial intelligence behave differently than people discover music and dance for the first time? We've all seen people dancing brilliantly as robots , we have also seen robots that dance brilliantly like robots, but you never saw robots that form bad as humans.It's new … The music of the chemical bread makes it possible for people to get out of their box at a concert or listen to the record – it is a moment of terrible surrender to the music.

"We wanted to capture that feeling in the thought that a suppressed robot force suddenly left to music and fun. There are robots that have fun, robots are stupid and robots are raving! There is a black comedy and an observation or conversation about it possible future relationship between robots, artificial intelligence and people. Perhaps we have nothing to fear, why do we think the worst about AI and humanity? "

The Chemical Brothers will also release their long-awaited new album, No geography, This spring. Their new album is expected to be complete after 2015's Grammy nominee Born in the echoes, who gave the band their sixth consecutive number 1 in the UK. This record included guest appearances from Q-Tip, Ali Love and Beck.

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