Listen to New Lana Share Rey Track The hope is a dangerous thing

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Lana Del Rey has shared the new song she recently promised, "Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me, but I have it." You can check it out below.

The singer announced the song last week on Instagram. Her latest studio LP, Lust for life, came out in 2017, but she claimed new album – her sixth – Norman F_g Rockwell is due later this year.

Produced by Jack Antonoff, "Hope is a Dangerous Thing .." is a low-key song with just a piano accompanying Del Rey's rumor about the author and poet Sylvia Plath – supposedly an important source of her inspiration.

During the song, Del Ray sings: "I've been tearing around in my f_g nightgown 24/7 / Sylvia Plath / Writing in blood on my walls / Because the ink in my pen doesn't work in my notepad / Don & # 39; don't ask if I'm happy, you know I'm not, but at best I can say I'm not sad / Cause hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have / hope is a dangerous thing for someone woman like me to have. "

During an Instagram Live broadcast last last year, the singer said the fans that "I think I put a song out on January 8" before adding ", but I'm not a thousand percent on it. Maybe the 8th." She was right on the money, as it turns out. Del Rey also confirmed during her live chat that the new album is "complete."

Former vocalist released the footage ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ and ‘Venezia Bitch’ and teased a bit of the track ‘Sylvia Plath’. She also debuted the unpublished works "Hey Blue Baby" and "I Must Be Stupid for Feeling So Happy" last month with Antonoff on his Ally Coalition event in New York.

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