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Lindsey Buckingham has filed a lawsuit against Fleetwood Mac for breach of fiduciary duty, breach of verbal contract and intentional interference with potential economic advantage, among other charges, according to legal documents obtained by Rolling Stone. The group separated from Buckingham in January and replaced it with Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Neil Finn of Crowded House. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says he asked the group to postpone his tour for three months so he can play shows with his solo band. He says that the plans were in place for the Rumors-I was aligning to play 60 shows throughout North America when they let it go without warning.

"This action is necessary to enforce Buckingham's right to share the economic opportunities to which he is entitled as a member of the association created to operate the Fleetwood Mac business," the complaint states.

"Last January, Fleetwood Mac made the decision to continue touring without me," Buckingham said in a statement to Rolling Stone in terms of demand. "I am deeply surprised and sad, as this decision ends with the beautiful legacy of 43 years we built together. In the last eight months, our many efforts to reach an agreement have unfortunately been elusive. I look forward to the closing, and I will always be proud of everything we have created and what that legacy represents. "

A spokesperson for Fleetwood Mac provided Rolling Stone with a statement on the lawsuit: "It is impossible for the gang to offer comments on a legal complaint they have not seen, it is a fairly standard legal procedure to present the complaint to the parties involved, something that neither Mr. Buckingham nor his lawyer What makes one wonder what the true motivations are when dealing with Press with a legal complaint before the parties in dispute. "

Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac for the first time in 1987, shortly after the release of his hit album. Tango at night, but he rejoined in 1996 along with the rest of the Rumors-It was alignment for the highly lucrative Dance Reencounter of album and tour. He remained in the lineup for the next two decades, although tensions persisted, especially in recent years when Stevie Nicks refused to record a new album with the band.

"I do not think there's any reason to spend a year and an incredible amount of money in a registry that, even if it has great things, is not going to be sold," Nicks said. Rolling Stone last year. "What we do is hit the road, do a lot of shows and earn a lot of money. We had lots of fun. Making a record is not so much fun. "

Buckingham had a very different reading about the situation and wanted the band to be an ongoing creative unit. In 2012, he tried to reunite the group to record a new album, but could not get anything more than an EP of four songs. "Stevie was not really doing it," he said. Rolling Stone. "She was not in that at all, but I went ahead and got John [McVie] and Mick [Fleetwood] More from Hawaii and we cut eight new songs of mine. All of them got the right key for Stevie's voice, if she sang the songs … That did not happen. I really think she did not want to make an album. "

The group toured in 2013 and again the following year, when Christine McVie returned to the band after a break of two decades, but things got tense when they began planning another tour for this year. "We were supposed to rehearse in June and he wanted to postpone it until next November," Nicks said. Rolling Stone in April. "That's a long time, I just did 70 shows [on a solo tour]. As soon as I finish one thing, I go back to submerging myself in another. Why do we stop? We do not want to stop playing music. We have nothing else to do. This is what we do."

The group then recruited guitarist Mike Campbell and Neil Finn of Crowded House in the lineup to take their place. Despite that, they were not willing to say that Buckingham was fired. "Words like 'fired' are ugly references as far as I'm concerned," Fleetwood said. Rolling Stone in April. "Not to protect us, but we reached the dead end of hitting a brick wall. This was not a happy situation for us in terms of the logistics of a functioning band. For that purpose, we made the decision that we could not continue with him. The majority rules in terms of what we need to do as a band and move on. "

Earlier this month, Buckingham broke his silence about the situation in an interview with Rolling StoneIt's David Fricke. In his story, he learned that he was leaving the band on January 28 when Irving Azoff, the group's manager, called him while he was watching the Grammys. Just two days before, Fleetwood Mac presented the charity program MusiCares at Radio City Music Hall in New York. According to Azoff, Stevie Nicks was angry because Buckingham smiled with satisfaction while delivering a speech at the event. She was also upset by her angry reaction to the decision to play a recording of "Rhiannon" as they took the stage. "Stevie never wants to be on stage with you again," Azoff told Buckingham.

The guitarist thought that meant that Nicks left the band. Only a few days later, when no one in the band would return their emails, he was afraid something else was happening. He telephoned Azoff and learned that he was being "kicked out" of the band and that they would continue without him. "I do not think there's ever something that caused him to be fired," he says. "We have all done things that were not constructive. All of us have used each other's psyches sometimes. That is the history of the group. "


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