Lilly Becker: embarrassing mishaps in front of cameras

adminJanuary 7, 2019

There was a lot to be on Celebrity Darts World Cup: from the surprise winner to the funny Sylvie chants. But most of Lilly Becker's talked about herself – because you broke in front of the camera's pants!

Tonight, Lilly Becker (42) will probably stay in memory for a while – and the spectators too. Boris Becker (51) still loved is also known for her temperament. And she let it run wild at the Celebrity Darts World Cup. Together with professional Peter Wright (48), she is by far the most dazzling duo in the evening – he has a blue Iroquois hairstyle and her pompous leather pants. And it was just these pants that came into focus in a late hour – because after a euphoric jump in Peter's arms a big accident happened …

In the video above you can see what an eye-catching Lilly was at the age of 18.

Despite Malheur, Lilly remained cool. No wonder, because with this enviable body one can calmly break with confidence:

Luxury holiday in the divorce war ... and her body is just enviable!


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Burst pants and a lot of fan criticism online

At the Celebrity Darts World Championship last Saturday (5th January) there was a lot of need. Who had knocked off by chance, I sometimes had to ask if he had taken a live circuit to Ballermann. Curious costumes and lots of alcohol were in the audience to see – and fun chants to hear. Because participants such as Rafael van der Vaart (35) and Lilly Becker gave the growing thousand level in the audience naturally creative efforts. So it alternated between "Where's Sylvie van der Vaart", "There is only one" Boris Becker "and" Lilly, take off "the opposite celebrities on the scene, but they certainly didn't do it for the fans in the audience.

But most of all, Lilly seemed to have everything with humor tonight. Because the evening moderator, Christian Düren (28), made his questions to Lilly especially online, not good. For example, he asked if Lilly had chosen his sponsor "pfando" for the tournament. The 42-year-old commented with humor and just said that he would actually fit in with his current family situation. On Twitter, Düren's comment did not go well. So it brought a user: "It was completely wrong. But nothing has to do with the Darts World Cup now" to the point.

The highlight, however, was Lilly's overwhelming feelings, when her partner Peter Wright had set winning goals for the next round. Incredibly, she turned into her arms – much to the hug of her dense red pants. Because she didn't keep jumping and bursting – in front of the camera. Lilly stayed cool, took it with humor and pulled her over "bad luck spot" until she could change backstage.

But also the saying of moderator Christian did not go unnoticed in the web – and not without comment. Because the 28-year-old asked, of course, immediately, if Lilly can't even turn around with burst pants. One user then argued: "He hasn't seriously asked if Lilly can stretch her buttocks in the cartilage pants in the camera? Is it still going?" Especially Lilly came to the fans online for their cool reactions, very good. "Honestly, Lilly won some sympathy points tonight. Charming, polite and humorous – despite stupid comments from all sides". We can just totally agree with that!

While Lilly rather involuntarily provided insights on the weekend, she deliberately put her sexy page in this snapshot on Instagram:

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