Lilly Becker celebrities Darts World Cup 2019: In the middle of the live show! Hosenplatzer at Becker-Ex

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Lilly Becker alone among men – apparently not a good idea. On Saturday night, ex of tennis star Boris Becker took the only woman on Celebrity Darts World Cup 2019 on Pro7 share. The Principle of the Show: Six world-class darts fight for victory along with six selected celebrities. But while Rafael van der Vaart, Faisal Kawusi, Patrick Esume, Markus Krebs and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht gave it all on Saturday night, Lilly Becker preferred much to her butt for attention.

Lilly Becker in pop leather pants on Promi WM 2019 headlines

As the only female participant took Lilly Becker on the side of Peter Wright on the Pro7 show. To score points in the end, Lilly Becker obviously had a completely different strategy. While her celebrity colleagues wore comfortable clothes in the evening, Mrs Becker had decided on a pair of red leather pants and sexy high heels. If she wanted to distract her opponents with her bold appearance?

Twitter users pause: Lilly's A *** h provides heated discussions

In any case, the native Dutchwoman made heated discussions in the web. "Why do you play with high heels?" or "It's about darts but I only have eyes for lilly's ass, some Twitter users commented on Lilly's Pro7 look What Lilly didn't know at this time: her outfit should even worry about excitement in the evening.

Lilly Becker breaks the pants in the Pro7 live show

After a winning match, the 42-year-old cheered so violently that she finally broke the tight-fitting pants – much to the delight of the public. "Take off, dress up" echo through the hall.

Lilly Becker provokes peasant shop advertising

Lilly also created a laugh for Becker's "Pfando" T-shirt. After all, the model only presented the name of an online farmer's shop on her top. Lilly took herself out with humor. Asked for her T-shirt sponsor "Pfando," Lilly said, "which fits my current situation."

Despite all the efforts, it was unfortunately not enough for a win in the evening. In the semi-finals, Lilly Becker had to defeat her countrymen van Gerwen / van der Vaart.

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