Liliana Campos and her husband escaped unharmed from terrorist attacks – After visiting the place, the worst happened: "I pray for those who left"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Liliana Campos is with her husband, Rodrigo Herédia, vacation in Egypt. The couple visited somewhere last Friday 28th. December, where they committed a terrorist attack a few hours later.

In social networks, Liliana ventured with the supporters who were in the zone of the pyramids of Giza moments before a bomb had hit the tourist bus. The attack resulted in four dead and dozens injured. Nevertheless, the presenters escaped untouched to the attack.

"The world is really a strange place … in the same place where Rodrigo and I had fun, it happened shortly after an attack where four people died," began writing this Saturday, December 29 in Instagram.

The trip may have a different outcome, but Liliana guarantees that, despite everything, it will not endanger the terrorists. Thus, he will share with the successors all the images of the Egyptian region, and it will continue to realize its dream: to know the city.

"I thought well, I hesitated if I should do this and the next posts, but if I didn't, I competed with the goals of the one who would scare us. I pray for those who have left, but I will continue to realize one of my dreams: to know this city that is so important and continues to have for humanity, "he said.

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Text: Márcia Alves; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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