Liliana Aguiar and José Carlos Pereira celebrate their son's birthday together

adminJanuary 10, 2019

It was through social networks that business woman shared a picture, where she appeared in company of José Carlos Pereira and her current husband, Francisco Nunes, and other relatives, on the second anniversary of the little Salvador, the son ex-couple has in common.

"Yesterday, my day ended like this: family dinner at home. I know that for many people it can be an impossible situation, but when there is respect and friendship from both parties, we can all be much happier," he began to write. Liliana Aguiar in the picture gallery.

Liliana Aguiar has proven to maintain a good relationship actor: "Our spirituality brings us to unique moments, never giving up being true, respecting our neighbor, being kind to others, happy with others 'happiness, respecting our children and respecting others' rooms. I am very happy it was a very special day."

There was no shortage of fan commentary: "What a wonderful attitude!", "Children benefit from respect and friendship", "Congratulations to everyone for having this ability, respect for the little ones who do not owe anything that does not work, that all people will look at you and follow your example and live in a happier world, surely! "

Don't forget to watch the video and photo in the gallery we prepared for you.

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