Lili Sandu, the new co-designer of Vladimir Drăghia at FanArena. "Bravo, you have style" moves for another hour and other days

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Lili Sandu, the new co-designer of Vladimir Drăghia at FanArena.

Lili Sandu, ex-contender for Exatlon's second season, will be co-chairman of Vladimir Drăghia. The two will have the FanArena show, which discusses topics in the competition.

Production is back next week at Channel D, just Monday, January 14 at 11:15 pm. It will be scheduled every Monday and Tuesday at 23:15.

Lili Sandu replaces Ilinca Vandici, who started filming for the new Bravo season, you have style! The fashion show is being redesigned in the Channel D network after FanArena's debut. It will be seen from Wednesday to Saturday at 23:00.

The show presented by Ilinca Vandici started at the end of the year and was scheduled from Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm

"I'm happy to get back on the small screens, and I'm lucky to be in the Channel D team. Exatlon was a great experience for me and what I've lived there, I'll definitely remember my whole life. I was and I'm the Exatlon fan and couldn't have been a better place for me to enjoy this show phenomenon.

FanArena is where together with my guests I will try to find out all kinds of information about the athletes of the two teams. We will comment on the situations in the competition and we will know best about the competition through their close friends who will join us on the plateau. This year is full of great surprises, and I hope you are with me to share with you! »Lili Sandu said.

FanArena is a show released this fall, analyzing everything that happens in the Exatlon reality show.

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