Lili Sandu takes Ilinca Vandici to "Fan Arena" starting this season

adminJanuary 10, 2019

So far, there was a big break between the "Exatlon" seasons, this year Kanal's producers decided to come back with the reality show a few months after the final of season 2. This decision has led to some changes. Ilinca Vandici, moderator of Fan Arena, which contains backstage details on the Dominican Republic plateau, has resumed the shootings of "Bravo, ai style" and cannot physically be present in two places, especially because One of the shows is live. Therefore, a new colleague for Vladimir Drăghia was sought. And the best and most practical choice was Lili Sandu. Not only is the star not alien to the show, he is one of the most acclaimed competitors in the "Exatlon" in the second season, but he has managed to test the fans' reaction and from the temporary co-production of Fan Arena, the year past.

Lili Sandu takes Ilinca Vandici to Fan Arena & # 39;

He held it by the end of last year

"You are wondering why I am here? My boyfriend, Ilinca Vandici, lacks motivation and asked to keep his place next week. I hope to do my best and have patience with me, especially since I am in a new position, for to comment on the show I participated in ", two months ago, said Lili Sandu from the show. The only unpleasant situation for Lili is that she is competing in the audience with her boyfriend, model producer Silviu Ţolu, who wrote on "Farm", a show broadcast by PRO TV. A reality show she also participated in one of the last seasons …

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