Lili Sandu replaces Ilinca Vandici! Which show will star

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Lili Sandu will be the new presenter of the "Fan Arena" show, which discusses the freshest topics that were created during the Exatlon sports competition. Ilinca Vandici was the one who had a meeting with the fans of the show every night, along with Vladimir Drăghia, the winner of the first edition of the competition.

But when Ilinca returned to the concert "Bravo, you have a style!" And could not be two places at the same time, especially since one of the performances is going live, Lili Sandu quickly jumped into the solution problem.

Lili Sandu is the new presenter at "Fan Arena"

As Lili is a former Exatlon contestant, part of the "famous" team in season 2 of the competition, she will surely have a promising show as a television presenter, and has experience in this regard after being the reporter in the magenta camera for " Romania's voice ".

By the end of last year, Lili Sandu entered the "Fan Arena" show, not only as a guest, but also as a presenter. It was a temporary job that now seems to be a permanent job. "You are wondering why I am here? My boyfriend, Ilinca Vandici, lacks motivation and asked to keep his place next week.

I hope to do my best and have patience with me, especially since I am in a news position to comment on the show I participated in, says Lili Sandu two months ago from the show's platform. The only unpleasant situation for Lili is that she is competing in the audience with her boyfriend, model producer Silviu Ţolu, who wrote on "Farm", a show broadcast by PRO TV. A reality show she also participated in one of the last seasons.

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