Lili Caneças hides cancer: I got the biggest shock of my life – National

adminDecember 30, 2018

Lili Caneças hid for more than 1 year a "melanoma in the eye" and now decided to talk for the first time "to alert conscience".
"I had cancer of the eye, on the right eyelid, already a year ago and such. I got the biggest shock in my life, but I hate talking about illnesses, "the socialist said in a VIP interview.

I took [o melanoma] of the right eyelid, I still have not been born with eyelashes, "la Lili, 74, who does not hide his vanity.

"I love to make up. I'm not going to have an eye like Luís de Camões? With a shovel? "He was wondering about the time.

Lili still experienced scare, even Lili went to an office in Champalimaud Foundation, in Lisbon, and heard good news from the doctor. "Her cancer is the only one who does not metastasize," she said to "Aunt of Cascais", for whom she is known.

This month had several good news. "I went back to the dermatologist and said everything is under control; If it did happen, it would already have happened. "

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