Lili Caneças hides cancer for more than a year "I got the biggest scare in my life" – The Television

adminDecember 30, 2018

It was for over a year. Lili Caneças hid a melanoma in the eye, and now he has decided to speak to raise awareness and raise awareness to prevent such situations.

"I had cancer of the eye, in the right eyelid, already a year ago and such. I got the biggest scare in my life, but I hate being sickHe said socialite in an interview with VIP.

I took [o melanoma] of the right eyelid, I still have not been born with eyelashes, "la Lili Caneças, 74 years old.

Still experiencing scare, it socialite joined the Foundation Champalimaud in Lisbon, after hearing good news from experts who followed her there. "Cancer is the only one that does not metastasize," she said.

As early as December 2018, and given the follow-up consultations to these types of cases, I was informed that the situation is under control and there is no need to alert.

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