Lil Peep dispels Long Beach in a new single from the posthumous album

adminOctober 18, 2018

Lil Peep attacks Long Beach on her new single "Cry Alone", released on Thursday as part of the announcement of the latest rapper's album "Call Me When Are're Sober, Part 2," which opens on November 9.

"I hate everyone in my hometown," Lil Peep sings. "I want to burn my old high school on the ground, I hate everyone in my hometown, tell rich kids to look at me now.

The "Cry Alone" video, also released on Thursday, includes photos of Lil Peep from her Long Beach High School yearbook. Lil Peep, whose real name was Gustav Ahr, died last year of a drug overdose while on tour in Arizona last year. I was 21 years old.

At Lil Peep's memorial service, her mother, Liza Womack, talked about her son and his anger with many people in Long Beach.

"Gus understood that many good people suffered injustice because of their appearance or because of the amount of money they had," said Womack. "He saw how cool kids who lived in upscale neighborhoods despised their friends who lived on projects and belittled their own family who lived in an apartment and drove an old Nissan … Gus wrote a song about wanting to burn his school Secondary down He did not like most adults there, he despised the social scene. "

In a statement, Womack said, "Come when you're sober, Pt. 2" is a "powerful collection of songs." "Because Gus had such an unyielding work ethic and commitment to doing things right, we have the opportunity. to listen to his voice, interwoven with the production of two of his trusted musical collaborators, "Womack said, referring to collaborators Smokeasac and George Astasio of IIVI.

Since his death, there has been more interest in Lil Peep, who combined elements of emo and hip-hop. Her single "Falling Down" with the latest rapper XXXtentacion reached number 13 on the charts earlier this month.

"Gus was my best friend," Smokeasac said in a statement. "Finishing (the album) without him is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Sometimes I did not want to finish it, some days it was too hard to hear his voice and not have him there by my side. But when I came out of my own head, I could feel it there and that and its incredible fans are what helped me overcome it. "I really had no other choice, I had to do it and I'm proud of what George and I have done for Gus and his fans."

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