Like a stranded whale: That's what Mats Hummels says about his wife

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Updated January 11, 2019, 7:41

Oops, it wasn't nice! Mats Hummels and wife Cathy wondered in the winter and lived in Dubai. But a picture from the sun made her right now with her husband for criticism.

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Sun and pure family happiness – who take a look at holiday pictures of Mats Hummels and wife Cathy, can easily be jealous. But even with celebrities, despite the wonderful background, not all is in vain sunshine. The betrayed 30-year-old now with an Instagram post on Thursday: Bauchling's Cathy Hummels is on a beach chair. The presenter does not explain what the weird look is, but what her husband had to say about the still image. "My husband says I look like a stranded whale."

Cathy Hummels takes it with humor

Granted, the bag looks a little strange, but the well-trained body is easy to recognize. The commentary on the Bayern star therefore meets many Instagram users on the misunderstanding. "Nice man," one says. Others oppose the statement immediately: "In no case as a whale!" and "Mats are wrong!" are among other things read.

And Cathy Hummel's reaction? She testifies from her husband with humor. In her post it is quite ironic in relation to the Wal comment: "I think he is right."
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Vacationing in Dubai by Cathy Hummels and son Ludwig has come to an unfortunate end. Apparently the baby has become so sick that the return flight has to be postponed. She also made a "call for help" via Instagram.

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