"Life is FRAGILE …" Fans are in position SHOC

adminJanuary 9, 2019

It is a great pleasure in the family of Cristi Minculescu, one of Romania's top musicians.
The artist celebrates on Wednesday 60 years of life and 40 years of career since his musical debut.

On this occasion, the legendary voice of Iris confessed to the fans that at this age he learned the important things.

"In this moment of life I have learned what are very important things, that life is fragile, and that I must be better, more present in my loved ones, more tolerant – even with myself, but at the same time I realized that it is not room to linger or avoid unresolved issues Today I feel very good at 60 years: healthier and livelier than ever, I feel strong and eager to do and learn new things I want to keep up with everything new, including everything If you follow the Facebook and Instagram pages, you will notice that we are very active, says Cristi Minculescu, according to cancan.ro.

In 2009, the practitioner went well over the toughest test of his life. The artist was exposed to a liver transplant, an extremely complicated surgery in which he received a portion of his wife's liver, Rodica. The operation by a team of specialists in Germany lasted about ten hours and went well.

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