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adminOctober 14, 2018

It is the forced split to exist because of a fire.

As of Tuesday night on ABC, "The Conners" will try to fend for itself as a family comedy without the self-titled character of "Roseanne," which imploded last May when the network fired star and producer Roseanne Barr after that published a racist tweet. She gave up any financial and creative involvement in the split, which allowed the cast and crew of "Roseanne" to continue with "The Conners."

ABC is trying to keep the momentum "Roseanne" won as the highest rated series of last season. Initially, Curiosity will attract viewers who want to discover how the character has been discarded. (Ms. Barr said her character, who had a problem with a pill last season, dies of an overdose of opioids, ABC is protecting the details of the plot).

But after explaining the disappearance of the character, the writers had to reconstruct the show without its previous center of gravity. Executive producer Bruce Helford said they tried to take a realistic approach. "What would really happen if you took the matriarch out of a family? Some people intervene in certain areas. "We found ways for each of the characters to fill in some of the pieces of the puzzle they took away."

Roseanne Barr, here with Mr. Goodman in

Roseanne Barr, here with Mr. Goodman in "Roseanne" last year, was popular with many fans who are attracted to her character as a working-class woman.



The success of "Roseanne", celebrated by President Donald Trump, had a symbolic importance for many fans who joined behind the character of Mrs. Barr as a working class woman who did not suffer fools or elitists.

In the new season, DanConner (John Goodman), known for putting off his wife, takes a more active role in managing the family, along with his daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert). The dynamics of relationships also change, with Roseanne's sister, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) turning more to Dan instead of her sister.

And without Roseanne's voice on the show, others will be amplified. "With Dan being able to express his views more openly this year," says executive producer Dave Caplan, "the audience will see that there is a great coincidence in what they and Roseanne believed."

The previous television series have had a mixed success after the main actors suddenly withdrew due to wage disputes (Valerie Harper, "Valerie") clashes with the producers (Charlie Sheen, "Two and a half men"), accusations of bad behavior (Kevin Spacey, "House of Cards") and other off-screen problems.

"The Conners" aims to keep the core fans in the fold, says Helford: "The audience is reflected in the Conner family." Roseanne Conner is a beloved mother, so we have treated this absence so that the audience shares the feelings of the family. "

Mr. Goodman and Sara Gilbert in a premiere scene of the series

Mr. Goodman and Sara Gilbert in a scene of the premiere of the series "The Conners".



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