Libra – Monday, December 31, 2018: The expected moment comes in your life

adminDecember 31, 2018

Astrological News: Today, there is a new year for the Moon in transit through the Scorpion sign. The only retrograde planet is Uranus in Aries. Your ruler, the planet Venus, is still in Escorpión, directly.

Your beliefs are shaken strongly in front of a person who fills you with passion. Be careful when people do not change from one day to another, and what you now seem to be comfortable because of the circumstances, when you calm down, you will not see it that way.

This is the time of transcendental change, this year's period when you discover new values ​​in the person who interests you. Your personality shines and wherever you go, you will be recognized and admired not so much for what you have, but for what you are, which is very positive.

Rituals for New Year


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Take advantage of your Monday to relax with your but above all to place orders in your house. If something is watered, disorganized and touched, your energy loosens and causes internal fear of something that tends to cause emotional instability, which is the least practical for you in this astral cycle of the New Year.

There is a lot of movement around you that can cause anxiety or tension that is not good for your health. While there is a lot to do on this last day of the year, you organize yourself so that you don't take the night without being finished in time, what you had planned.

I work
It's not time to leave your job and risk starting a job in something unknown. You are in a good planetary cycle, but you have to take advantage of it with intelligence and do not waste, with a stroke, your current employment relationship.

Prepare to fulfill your New Year's resolutions according to your zodiac


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Money and fortune
When everything seems harder and money doesn't appear anywhere, you'll discover how to improve your finances and unexpected solutions appear. In this current cycle, everything is possible, you just need patience and organization, librano.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual energy level this Monday: moderate.
Cosmic dynamics that you should benefit from: your sense of balance and balance. The educated and discreet way you solve problems and unexpected situations.
Today's dangerous trend in the Libra sign: instability, meaning change or criteria without expecting results.
What should I avoid ?: Slowness, lack of enthusiasm.

Prediction of couples for today Monday
The Best Relationship Today: This Monday's thing will go great for you if your partner is an air sign, especially Aquarius or Gemini.
The most tense relationship: There are not many tensions, if any, it would be within the Virgo sign.
Your current compatibility: compatibility is good this day for Libra with the air and fire element.
If you are single or single: The New Year will give you the opportunity to be with a person whose human qualities are what you have left behind.


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