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adminNovember 24, 2018

Liam Hemsworth took the time to appreciate one of the most important people in his life when he posted a romantic Instagram message to his girlfriend Miley Cyrus in honor of her 26th birthday on November 23.

Liam Hemsworth, 28, is not afraid to admit how much he cares about his girlfriend Miley Cyrus and he did exactly that in a romantic Instagram post for his twenty-sixth birthday on November 23. The Australian actor showed a nice picture of a happy Miley standing and holding a dog while surrounded by colorful balloons and used the title for the photo. To express his love for the singer. "Happy birthday to my sweet girl, you are more precious than ever, very grateful to have you in my life.", Read the title.

In addition to writing her loving post, Liam spent Miley's birthday with her and her family. Miley's dad Billy ray cyrus She approached Instagram to share a photo of Miley smiling and sitting with everyone in front of her birthday cake. "Grateful for this moment, my thoughts and prayers with so many hearts that need to be mended, peace and love for all," Billy read.

In its title, Billy, of course, was referring to the devastating recent wildfires in California that claimed lives and destroyed so many houses, including Miley and Liam's house in Malibu. Liam visited the site of the rubble after the fire and posted a heartbreaking photo that showed a LOVE sign, the only thing left intact from his home. He expressed sympathy for the others who lost their homes and gratitude for the firefighters who worked tirelessly to contain and stop the spread of the fire.

Despite the recent difficult circumstances, it is good to see Liam and Miley staying close and remembering the most important thing.

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