Leon flies and kills the nature reserve worker

adminDecember 31, 2018

UThe lion escaped from the fence and killed a worker at a North Carolina expensive center during routine cleaning. The animal eventually killed a worker from the nature reserve before being shot dead.

The fatal attack occurred at the Burlington, North Carolina Conservatory Center, and according to the institution's information, a team of veterinarians routinely performed cleaning tasks when one of the lions managed to escape from a closed area, thus approaching workers.

The lion "quickly killed one of these workers," said the same source, quoted by CBS News, and noted that it was not unclear how the lion managed to escape. The victim has not been identified since relatives have not yet been notified.

The lion was shot down by the local police, as this was the only way to safely restore the victim's body.

It is noteworthy that this center contains 80 animals with 21 species, including 15 lions, many of which were rescued from poor conditions in Ohio in 2004.

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