Leo kills a trainee in a wildlife park in the United States

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A young intern becomes the victim of a lion in a wildlife decoration in the US. The 22 year old worked in the park for just two weeks. The lion that killed her was considered a security risk. He was shot after the incident.

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A lion attacked and killed a trainee at a wildlife park in the United States. 22-year-old Alexandra Black had been working there for only two weeks, said the Sheriff's office in Caswell County on Sunday (local time) in a statement that has been leaked to several US media.

The incident occurred during routine cleaning work at the Wildlife Records Center in North Carolina State.

The lion breaks out

One of the lions had moved from the locked terrain to the area where the people had been. He killed the woman "immediately", said the reception.

At the moment it was not clear how the lion could have left the sealed area, it was said. The park remains closed to visitors for further notice.

Police officers were summoned after the incident had first attempted to dump the lion. After several attempts had failed, the animal had been shot to safely restore the young woman's body.

The woman had recently completed her studies. She was a zoophile and wanted to spend a lifetime working with animals, says park director Mindy Stinner in tears at a press conference.

Black died for her "passion"

She had been involved in several internships with animals, last with wolves, said the family of the victim, according to US media. "She died while following her passion."

The attacker was a male lion named Matthai, the station reported CBS, referring to investigators.

He was previously described by the park as "naturally a little nervous", it said. In a list of lions in the park, the name Matthai is now missing. A video of the park circulating on the internet should show the animal.

Around 80 wildlife live in the reception, including about 20 large cats. Most of them were exempt from bad living conditions and accommodated there, according to the park's website. (Dpa / HAU)

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