Leo kills 22-year-old zoo inside

adminDecember 31, 2018

During a routine cleaning of a sanctuary in a wildlife reception center, a deadly event happened on Sunday: a lion escaped from the closet and attacked a young woman.

A young woman was attacked and killed by a lion on Sunday in a North Carolina Wildlife enclosure. The 22-year-old had just worked as an intern at Wildlife Records Center for two weeks.

This told the Sheriff's office in Caswell County on Sunday in a multi-media statement in the United States.

The incident had occurred during routine cleaning of the cabinet. One of the lions had come from the locked terrain to the area where people had stopped. The summoned policemen first tried to dump the lion. After several attempts had failed, the animal had been shot to safely restore the young woman's body.

The zoo is home to about 80 wildlife, including 20 large cats. The park is closed to visitors for further notice. (SDA)

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