Leo – Friday 11th. January 2019: A weekend with a happy and happy touch

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Astrological News: The Moon is in the sign of Pisces moving towards Aries, today Friday that ranks the numerological vibration of the six. All planets are direct.

This Friday puts you in front of exceptional circumstances. Take care of your affairs, don't let meddlesome people tell you what to do with your life in this first cycle of the year 2019 that begins. Your happiness is more dependent on your mental attitude than on the conditions around you.

You feel attracted to a slightly younger person, and this feeling gives you turmoil. Consult your pillow and obey your heart's voice. Socializing with employees has its advantages, but now it does not make sense to keep large parties in your home. First, you set domestic conditions to avoid unpleasant situations.

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Suddenly, you feel as if you have found your perfect match, and it can be so. Do not destroy this relationship with defeatistic thoughts, negative ideas or struggles. Live your life with happiness and harmony.

It is a healthy wave in your environment that expands to all the airways, bronchi, lungs, nostrils. If you have had problems with these organs this weekend, you will feel revitalized and energetic, with more health.

I work
There are happy news in the workplace if you have been waiting for a job interview or if a family member goes through a difficult situation associated with their employment or placement. Luck will be at your service this weekend.

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Money and fortune
Listen to your intuition voice, and if your sixth sense prevents you from connecting people who do not inspire confidence because you risk your money and cause unnecessary legal headaches at this stage of your life.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual energy level this Friday: intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: The cheerful and optimistic tone that surrounds you during this first stage of the year 2019 began recently.
Dangerous trend today in the sign: Risk in a company or company that you have not advised properly.
What should I avoid ?: Declare a confusion or confusion that comes to you.

Prediction of couples for today Friday
The best relationship today: very good if your partner is a fire sign like the Weather and Sagittarius, as well as in the case of Aquarius – of the air element, but the opposite, also with Gemini.
The most tense relationship: Tensions can occur with water signs such as Scorpio and Pisces, as well as with the Taurus that is land.
Your current compatibility: You are in harmonious tone with the other elements of fire, especially with Leo and Sagittarius, and also with air, such as Aquarius and Gemini.
If you are single or single: You will be involved in social events where you can meet who will change your sentimental reality in the coming months.

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