Lena Dunham reaches an agreement with herself

adminNovember 26, 2018

Dunham in New York on November 2nd.
Photo: Gillian Laub

One morning, about three weeks after we met, Lena Dunham sent me ten text messages in a row. She was in the hospital, recovering from a procedure to remove her right ovary, "which was enclosed in scar tissue and fibrosis, attached to my gut and pressing on the nerves that made it a little difficult to walk / urinate / vampire", as She later explained on Instagram. She sent me a postoperative photo of herself on the bed, a red bracelet that read "NO BENZODIAZEPINAS" hanging from her wrist, a hospital gown lifted, her medical mesh panties.

He sent more photos, all with small captions and taken with Huji Cam, an application that makes everything look like it was broken with a disposable camera in the 90s. There were striking portraits of his artist parents, Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham, who kept the wake up next to the bed with elegance and look a little annoyed at the camera phone in your face.

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