Lele Pons will be Grinch this Christmas

adminDecember 26, 2018

Lele Pons it was literally like that Grinch. Do not be afraid! He didn't get angry or try to destroy Christmas Fest No one, on the contrary, explained himself because he could not pass the opportunity to make us laugh as always before the Christmas holidays.

It was in company with Twan Kuyper that the occurrence of Lele Pons It was personified as this iconic Christmas character, and he uploaded the picture Instagram causes laughter, and lots of fun. What incredible charisma does he have! Lele Pons always makes us laugh with his publications and, as usual, besides the picture, influencer increased more stories sooo funny

"Mr and Mrs Grinch" is the title that comes with the photo, which just a few hours after publishing, already generated more than two million "likes", freeing all kinds of comments: "Are you Shrek?", "Are you dating?", "They look very good together", "I didn't know it was Halloween", "The most beautiful Grinch couple I've ever seen".

There were many who claim that this picture showed that the boys have started dancing, but Lele Pons He always refused, although most of his followers asked it: "No, we are not dating."Lele said to one of his fans.

Well, be it as it is, there is no doubt that both are very handsome and they look very good with their face painted green and personified as GrinchThe evil but fun character who is always a Christmas classic.

Lele Pons: Instagram Stories

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