Leila Lowfire in the Jungle Camp: The IBES candidate moves to the camp with nude plans

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Pull grace plans into the jungle battle – Leila Lowfire Watson Crown Check

It's IBES time again. Twelve people of different fame move to the jungle circle and here you learn why and why (and who should be).

Welcome to Watson Crown Check. Today with Leila Lowfire:

How could you know her?

From social media. Because it was set up in 2015 as part of the action #nippelstatthetze a topless picture of Leila, where she was next to a guy with the sign "Don't Buy on the Canoe" to see. The image was blocked by Facebook, but not because of the racist content, but because of their nudity. Of course it was virus. In addition, since 2016, Leila makes a sex podcast with Ines Anioli. First under the title "Sex Pleasure", meanwhile, the case is called "Better than Sex". In that, the two women talk about, just, sex.

Six sellers will probably be Leila's motto at the camp. Compared to RTL, she already complained that showering in a swimsuit "is difficult and difficult", and she prefers, especially at Australian temperatures, to "run a little more revealing".

Oh, and of course you can also know them from watson because we made a quiz with them. Here you are:

Need the jungle because …

… the jungle is a very reliable publicity ramp. We suspect Leila has already exhausted his sex podcast target range, so a bit of IBES boost can be very useful for the next career step.

Jungle Queen's potential

Since we are torn. Leila is a great guy, but if she just wants to score with nudity and sex talk, it can cause a stir and big eyes, but it can also tire after a week. The jungle becomes a balancing act for them. We choose the golden means: 3 out of 5. 👑👑👑

All candidates, all photos:


Everything about jungle ring 2019

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People who are affected by poverty often speak here.

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Jana (name changed by the editorial staff) is 33 years old, an educated IT systemist and single mother. Her daughter was born in March 2017, Jana divorced her husband in September 2017 and has been with Hartz IV since January this year – because they are there for her daughter …

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