Legendary advertiser Eucario Bermúdez died in Miami

adminJanuary 7, 2019

He died on Sunday night in Miami, the victim of lung cancer, the legendary Colombian broadcaster Eucario Bermúdez, remembered in the country to identify for a long time with his voice radio station Caracol Radio. He also read his emblematic news competition Ultimate Hour.

He was a very prominent figure, not only on the radio, but also on television and in journalism. He began very young in Manizales and set a milestone in Transmisora ​​Caldas Station, where he promoted major campaigns. The most remembered had to do with the historic election and coronation of Luz Marina Zuluaga as Miss Universe. He participated in historical transfers such as the arrival of the man on the moon, the tragic terrorist invasion of the Arabs in Germany. his son Juan Carlos confirmed the sad news to EJE 21's editorial office. It is unknown at the moment whether Maestro Eucario will be buried in Miami, a city where one of its streets bears his name or if his exdquias will be fulfilled in Colombia, his country natal.

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