Leebo Freeman justifies Baby Pic with other VIP colors

adminDecember 27, 2018

If he can convince the critics with this comparison? The love party quickly became Leebo Freeman (30) to Net Hate's days. The reason: He published a paternity photo, baby Goldie Venus for the first time shows uncensored. The permission of the child's mother, Bonnie Strange (32), apparently he did not. There were fans for her Leebos The action is therefore justly resistant to the singer not being able to understand. Now he tried again to justify his post probably!

Who is currently looking into Leebos InstagramStory shots are now enlightened by many celebrity royalty. Travis Scott (26), Dwayne is "The Rock" Johnson (46), Josh Beech, Vin Diesel (51) or David Beckham (43) – they all enjoy Leebo Shared photos with her offspring, he and Goldie resemble uncensored. The slideshow was then introduced by the 30-year-old with a sarcastic comment: "Ferd, go: turn around! These are fathers who love their little girls and … show their faces?"

Although Leebo could convince some followers with this tactic – ex-girlfriend Bonnie he will probably not so easily appease. When the model learned about her offspring photo, she did more than usual in her account, how angry she was about her former wife: "Publishing photos of the daughter's face against my will and without agreement is selfish and wrong."

Leebo Freeman and Goldie VenusInstagram / leeboth stampedPhotos Gallery Button
Leebo Freeman and Goldie Venus
Leebo Freeman and daughter Goldie VenusInstagram / leeboth stamped

Leebo Freeman and daughter Goldie Venus
Bonnie Strange with her daughter Goldie VenusInstagram / Bonniestrange

Bonnie Strange with her daughter Goldie Venus

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