Last rumor surrounding Becky Lynch and Survivor Series Match by Ronda Rousey

adminNovember 13, 2018


Is Ronda Rousey in danger of suffering his first loss in the WWE?

According to Cagesideseats, there are many conversations behind the scenes about Becky Lynch setting Rousey on Sunday in Survivor Series. However, considering how important Rousey is to the company if it loses, it will not be clean.

According to the report, WWE is reflecting on two different endings for the Champion versus Champion game. One of them is that Nia Jax and Tamina cost Rousey the game and, therefore, add fuel to the future championship game of Jax and Rousey. The other option is for Charlotte Flair to interfere on behalf of Becky Lynch and establish a pair of Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen

So, is it likely that any of these are true? Well, on the one hand, we can count on Rousey vs. Lynch that ends in chaos. With both women in their relative peaks, there is not much use in which one of them takes a clean loss. This means that WWE will have to use external interference to balance the game balance. At this point, it only seems to be a question of who the perpetrators will be.

Either way, it looks like Lynch will be the beneficiary. While not exactly a heel, it is much more villainous than Rousey in this story. And if we're being honest, Lynch is actually getting more attention than Rousey at the moment. Rousey has been great, but Becky Lynch can be in the midst of a momentous career.

The last episode of Raw It was another example of how Lynch's streak was blessed by the fighting gods. During the Raw vs. SmackDown scrum, Lynch seemed to have broken his nose. While that sounds far from being a blessing, the blood that gushed from his face may have been. While she decimated Raw List, Lynch proudly posed with his war wounds on display, causing the bloody images to border the iconic realm.

Survivor Series will be the first time that Rousey will not compete as a fan favorite. While it is still supported by the WWE Universe, no one has a momentum like Lynch, and Rousey can be booed on Sunday. We'll have to wait and see, but regardless of the end, Rousey vs. Lynch promises to be the best fight of Survivor Series.


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