Last night in Paris … Paul McCartney

adminNovember 29, 2018

The former Beatle played for the first time at the Paris La Défense Arena stage in front of 40,000 fans.

His last concert in Bercy had given us a taste of overflow. By 2016, Paul McCartney had taken the fight to make fans on stage in some sort of fair just a little strange. Which seemed completely out of place for a musician of his rank. Last night, Paul tumbles at 20h20, his Hofner bass in his hand, wearing a little jean jacket close to the waist. Chic and stylish. A few locks are finally displayed on the hair, giving him even more air in a legend. The legend that it maintains a lot by launching its Paris show with "A Hard Day Night", Big Beatles of Beatles. "Junior's Farm" from the Wings repertoire surprised Paris with its aggressive rockside. Especially since the sound is impressive in this big room.

McCartney does not look so happy to be here and seems tired

Surrounded by his usual band, McCartney plays simply and efficiently "Hi Paris, it's great to come back here" he says before "All My Loving". "Letting Go" as follows allows some news: three horns appear in the middle of the crowd and give a new impulse to this song, little-known Wings. "I speak a little French and here's a new song," said Paul before "Who Cares", taken from his very successful "Egypt Station". But the audience roars on "Got Into My Life". The concert seems to go to a senate tortoise in its first part. McCartney does not look so happy to be here and seems tired. Some songs are played almost mechanically like "let me roll it" as we would like to happen or "I have a feeling" that is lacking heavily. But when we get bored, Paul puts himself on the piano and attacks "Let them be" worn out by brass. When Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman appear on the screen under the song "My Valentine", we smile: Vanessa Paradis and her husband Samuel Benchetrit sit right in front of us.

"Nineteen hundred and eighty five" another nugget of Wings does miracles again, for this time we feel that Paul is more to his business. He has also dropped the jacket from several pieces and plays the shirt arm, very seriously behind the keyboard. A disaster is threatening though. "Maybe I'm Amazed" The title composed at the time of Linda, is a total mistake, vocal language. McCartney can not reach the highest notes that are the strength of this song. We forgive him obviously because it is armed with an acoustic guitar when he returns to Beatle's first period. "From Me To You", played for the first time in Paris since the sixties, "Love Me Do" makes the folk singing, the two tips with a "Michelle" mandatory. "It's the only song in French I know. The concert goes into a new comfort zone." The emotion sequence first with a "Blackbird" played alone over the crowd. So "Here today" "this dialogue in song with John we could never have "Messing gives a new youth to" Lady Madonna "," Fuh You ", title 2018, takes a real scale alive, when" Being in favor of losing dragon "vibrates the most advanced of the fans.

The whole room stands and vibrates in a rare supper

And what better than a "Ob la di ob da da" to squeeze the crowd? Paul has been on stage since 1h50 when the first notes from "Band on the run" sound. The last volley of pipes has been launched, and this time it will take everything in its way. Forget the fatigue of the first hour, fatigue that can break sometimes. This time is the largest music on the planet in its element and completely galvanized. "Back in USSR" and his Dantesque crosses, "Let it be" are always played with emotions, "Live and let die" and his pyrotechnic pleasure and especially "Hey Jude", finishing to finish Paris. For ten minutes the audience is spreading on the famous choir. The whole room stands and vibrates in a rare supper. Lots were said.

As a reminder, Paul remains on a very rocky dynamics. "Birthday", "Sergeant Pepper Lonely Heart's Club Band" or "Heroes Skelter" shakes on the walls of the Paris Defense Arena. "Thank you Paris, see you next", the singer starts before the fantastic final "Golden Slumblers / Carry That Weight / End".

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So we will remember that last night in Paris, Paul did not sing "Yesterday". That he could also take more dangers by interpreting all the white albums for Beatles for example. But in the end the repertoire is so strong, so impressive that it takes everything in the way. And that it is beautifully defended by a young man of 76 years.


1 / A hard day night

2 / Junior Farm
3 / All my love
4 / drop
5 / Who cares
6 / To get you into my life
7 / Come to me
8 / Let me roll it
9 / I have a feeling
10 / let them come in
11 / My Valentine
12 / nineteen hundred and eighty five
13 / Maybe I'm surprised
14 / I have just seen a face
15 / Despite all danger
16 / From me to you
17 / Michelle
18 / Love me doing
19 / Blackbird
20 / Here today
21 / Queenie Eye
22 / Lady Madonna
23 / Eleanor Rigby
24 / Fuh you
25 / To be in favor of losing kite
26 / Some
27 / Ob den di ob la da
28 / Strap on the go
29 / Back in the Soviet Union
30 / Leave it
31 / Live and let die
32 / Hello Jude

33 / Birthday

34 / Sergeant Pepper lonely hearts club band

35 / Heroes Skelter

36 / Golden Slumbers

37 / Carry that weight

38 / Enden

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