Last Minute: The proposal for the cinema crisis has passed the commission!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The number of supporting films with qualifications contribute to the international marketing of national culture, increasing the competitiveness of the international arena of the cinema industry and Turkey's film production centers offering the goal of becoming one of the National Education, Culture, was adopted by the Youth and Sports Committee. The proposal for the amendment of the Act on the Assessment and Classification of Cinema Movies presupposes the definition of "series of films" in the Act, as the series of film support is added as a new type of support.

According to the proposal, project development, the first fiction film production, film film production, co-production, manuscripts and dialogue writing, animation films, short film production, documentary films, post production, distribution and marketing, and film films In order to evaluate the applications made and to determine those to be supported, support boards "be formed, not over four.

Support committees will be determined by the relevant unions with representatives of the three sector representatives, producers, directors, screenwriters and dialogue writers, actors, cinema operators, film distributors, broadcasters' representatives or organizations and academics working in the cinema departments. and seven members to be appointed by the Ministry of Tourism, including three members and one representative of the Ministry. The Ministry's representative will be the Chairman of the Board.

The Committee for Supporting Series and Foreign Films will be established to evaluate the applications in the series and foreign film production support types.

The Commission will be 8 members

Commission; Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Director General of the Cinema, Director General of General Training and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among sector representatives proposed by relevant unions, representatives of the two members, filmmakers, distributors and 8 members will be determined by the Ministry. Cinema films produced or imported into the country will be considered and classified prior to commercial circulation or presentation. Movies that are not eligible for evaluation and classification will not be available for commercial circulation and demonstration. Cinema films that have not been evaluated and classified can only be displayed with "18+" age marks in festivals, special screenings and similar cultural and artistic events. Movies previously evaluated and classified by the Ministry may be displayed according to the characters and phrases they received in related activities. It is necessary to use characters and expressions to be displayed in the films to be displayed in these events in all types of publicity and viewing areas.

Support amount, 50 percent of budget

Support applications will be made by natural or legal persons established in the country. Support amount; 50% of the total budget stated in the application for project development, first fiction film films, film films, co-production, documentary film production, post-production, distribution and marketing support.

All the total budget set out in the application for types of support for domestic movie viewing with animation films, short film production, screens and dialog writing can be supported. The support for the type of foreign film production support will not exceed 30 per cent of the amount spent in the country and accepted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. All support under the law will be given as non-refundable.

In the event that the obligations stated in the law, regulation and support agreement are not met or the aid is taken unfairly, the amount of support will be taken back together with interest.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to support and organize events, projects and activities within cinema. Participate in international festivals and competitions and support promotional activities. The Ministry will be able to provide cinema hardware support to public institutions, organizations, and public legal entities, and provide financial support to cinema artists or distressed movie theaters.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to obtain works or copied copies of domestic or foreign and other material related to the cinema to create an archive or museum within cinema.

Since the production, production, production and display of cinema films usually last longer than one year, it is possible to get a yellow support contract for all types of support by receiving appropriate meaning from the presidency.


Failure to observe the rating and classification obligation and the use of signs and phrases mandatory upon the review and classification of any advertising material and demonstration material, and shall not be used on the carrier material or misleading, shall be the demonstration and distribution of the films by the local managing authority. Stopped until signs and phrases are used and administrative fines will be used.

The ads that appear before the movie will not exceed 10 minutes. The trailer viewing time will be at least 3, maximum 5 minutes. Indications of public places and social responsibility projects will not be included in these periods. The movie will not exceed 15 minutes.

Cinema operators will realize campaigns and collective sales activities to increase the number of viewers only through contracts to be signed with the manufacturer and, if applicable, the distributor of the movie. The cinema operators will be obliged to keep the hardware and software designated by the Ministry to disseminate information about the film display to the Ministry.


Those who do not comply with the rating and classification obligation but who are not obliged to use the necessary signs and phrases but do not use the necessary signs and expressions and who do not comply with the rating and classification obligation will be subject to an administrative fine of 20,000 Turkish Liras.

£ 50,000 for those showing movies that do not comply with the rating and rating obligations and those who make movies using the required characters and sentences or misleading £ 20,000 per movie to the event organizers without using the necessary characters and expressions in demonstration – and publicity areas; Advertisers who do not adhere to the ad's length, trailer and movie will be fined 50,000 liras per hall. In order to determine the needs and solutions associated with cinema and serial shootings, to ensure inter-institutional coordination, and to determine the rate of deduction and the draft security principles in public areas, a co-ordination committee of the Ministry will be formed in the provinces.

The committees and commissions proposed in the proposal shall be formed within 6 months from the entry into force of the Act.

The problem is solved this week

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