Last minute information about the Palu family arrived! Petty Tuncer Ustael and the Palu family …

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Information on the events in Palin's family members and heads Turkey continues its investigation. Müge Anlı's recording program, Tatlı Sert sends on ATV. We have summarized the details of many issues such as torture, sexual exploitation and rape claims from Tuncer Ustael who entered the Palu family and the family as a groom.


A detailed summary of the members of the Palu family is as follows; The family consists of Harun and Air Palu. Harun Air Couple, Fatih, Jesus, Emine, Mary and Ayse Melek have 5 children. When Emine marries Tuner Ustael, she marries Ahmet Bey. Tuner Ustael's brother-in-law, in turn, killed Jesus his uncle Ahmet. The family's father is Harun Palu. Two people who did not believe Tuner Ustael, who introduced him as a teacher and who ruled the family, have been pacified. Tuner Ustael; family members who left torture, sexual abuse. The tuner raped later and murdered his wife, Mary. Melike, son of Ahmet and Meryem couple, was killed by Tuner in the same way, and Recep escaped from the counter of Tuncer.

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