Lana Del Rey threatens with & # 39; F- Up & # 39; Azealia Banks on Twitter Feud

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Azealia Banks is adding Lana Del Rey to her growing list of celebrity fights.

A week after the singer of "Summertime Sadness" posted a passionate comment on Kanye West's Instagram, stating that his support for President Donald Trump was "a loss to culture," Banks attacked Del Rey, 33, for his "selective indignation" about politics.

"Wow, fine Lana, this would be nice if you were consistent with your outrage and refused to collaborate with Rock ASAP who has also physically assaulted women," Banks began. long thread of Twitter, referring to the rapper with whom Del Rey collaborated in "Summer Bummer" in 2017.

"For me, this looks like the typical white woman who uses a weakened target to" pretend "to be an ally," he added.

The 27-year-old rapper discussed systematic racism in society, arguing that Del Rey "would not dare to challenge a black woman in his opinion" because there are more prejudices between the sexes than among women.

He also criticized Del Rey for using West "for his own vague attempts to appear politically conscious."

Twitter thread of Azealia Banks

Twitter thread of Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks / Twitter

"Kanye is not your enemy or THE enemy. In fact, your selective indignation makes you. The enemy ", continued in the thread of September 30. "You are exactly the kind of thinking in which the police are fighting Kanye … I suggest you apologize to Kanye"

"Liberal white women are very selfish," the thread ended, before challenging Del Rey to discuss his opinion on an Instagram story last week.

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In response to the heated comments, Del Rey sent a tweet to rapper "212" on Tuesday and told him to come to his house and fight face to face, "you know the addy, pull at any time. But if I were you, I would not do it. "

She also tweeted several other messages directed at Banks, threatening: "I'm not going to make it up to you." Period. "Another call to the banks directly saying:" Banks. You could have been the best rapper alive but you've spoiled her. Do not take it out with the only person who turned your back on you. "

The tweets of Lana Del Rey.

The tweets of Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey / Twitter

Banks then posted a photo on Twitter of the singer "Young and Beautiful" and criticized her appearance, stating that "the work was done on her face and nothing was done on her body (where she needed it most)".

Del Rey, who refuses to let the dispute fade, responded with his own response: "I will send you the number of my surgeon and a good psychiatrist I know in Los Angeles. Your psychiatric medications do not work #uneedanewcocktail"

Tweet of Azealia Banks

Tweet of Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks / Twitter

Finally, the women had a last public interaction before quitting at night.

"Where's the pull up tweet? I'm talking to my lawyer," Banks wrote Tuesday.

Unaffected by the threatened legal action, Del Rey quickly responded: "Tell him it's a promise, not a threat."

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This is not the first time that Banks has messed with other stars through social networks.

In May, he criticized Cardi B, calling everything from a "caricature of a black woman" to an "illiterate and illiterate rat" after he burst onto the scene, and attacked his marriage with the rapper Offset, who has three children of previous relationships. .

"You're illiterate, you're a 4/5 baby mom for [a] man who has women coming out of the wood with children,She wrote on Twitter. "You are a real-life episode of Maury sis … The fact that his overall statistic is deserved as success is a clear indication that the suits that support him are using him as a weapon against the conscience and culture of black women. "

He also got clueless about Cardi in September, and called the Bronx rapper "Nicki of a poor man."

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And in January of 2017, when Rihanna shared her complaints about President Trump's controversial executive order that barred refugees from entering the US. UU. Banks applauded the singer and said she should not "reprimand" the president.

"In regards to rihanna (who is not a citizen and can not vote) and the rest of the celebrities who are using their influence to encourage the public, many really SHOULD shut up and sit down," he said. He wrote in a publication since then deleted. "Stop punishing the president. It's stupid and pathetic to see it. "


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