Laeticia Hallyday: Her words on Johnny were turned to her by David and Laura's lawyers

adminNovember 29, 2018


Johnny's widow should not be heard much in the media without extreme care. In fact, a sentence said that her husband was returned to her in the hearing last Tuesday.

There was a reporter from Europe 1, Salome Legrand, who told this scene to the chronicles of the show C, claiming that some of Laeticias grandiloquent statements about her husband could
"make him lose his case"on the will of rocker.

The lawyers of David Hallyday and Laura Smet have actually carefully removed all his statements about Johnny. However, during an interview with the newspaper "Le Point" in April last year, Laeticia explained: "I married France, the Eiffel Tower! (…) Every French person has a link with him through a song, a memory. "

This quote was repeated at the hearing on November 27, according to Salomé Legrand: for them, "French law applies to Johnny's legacy, though he no longer lived in France because Johnny is France. "

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