Lady Gaga was wearing a disheveled oversize suit. There is a powerful message behind this.

adminOctober 17, 2018

When Lady Gaga stood in front of the cameras on Monday night at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event, she looked different.

The award-winning singer and actress, one of the honorees of the night, was wrapped in an extremely large suit, with the extremities completely hidden by strips of cloth. The jacket, complete with broad shoulders, hung down to the middle of her thighs. Matching baggy pants brushed the floor. Her platinum blonde hair was tucked into an elegant low bun.

The suit was a departure from the usual sets of Gaga. This is the same woman who has worn a dress made entirely of meat and once was carried by the red carpet in a huge blue-green egg. In recent days, while promoting her critically acclaimed film "A Star is Born," Gaga has favored stunning dresses with intricate details that overflow with Hollywood glamor.

Why, then, did she choose to wear the monochromatic style inspired by Marc Jacobs men's clothing? It was not a momentary fashion mistake or her, as many joked, inspired by Players of the nba of the early 2000s. Gaga wore the costume, part of the designer's Spring 2019 collection, because she wanted to make a point, and a powerful one in that.

In a speech of raw and emotional acceptance that touched her mental health problems and her experience with sexual assault, Gaga said that putting on the suit was a way to "regain power."

"Today I put on my pants," he said defiantly. "Today I wear this costume."

It all started when Gaga was preparing for Monday night's event.

"I tried on dress after dress today," he said, while the audience full of stars and mostly women laughed with sympathy. "One tight corset after another, one heel after another, a diamond, a feather, thousands of fabrics with beads and the most beautiful silks in the world."

Pausing for a moment, he continued, his voice full of emotion, "To be honest, I felt sick to my stomach."

Surrounded by beautiful dresses, Gaga said she wondered what it means to be a woman in Hollywood.

"We are not just objects to entertain the world," he said. "We are not simply images to bring smiles or grimaces to people's faces." We are not members of a giant beauty contest meant to be against each other for the pleasures of the public. "

Rather, women in Hollywood "are voices," who have "deep thoughts, ideas, beliefs and values," he said, adding that women "have the power to speak, be heard and counterattack when they silence us."

"Then, after trying on 10 or more dresses, with a sad feeling in my heart, that everything that would matter was what I wore on this red carpet, I saw an oversized Marc Jacobs suit buried quietly in the corner", said Gaga. While the audience laughed and cheered.

When she put on her suit, Gaga said she found "a blinding view of eyes that looked at me with confusion." The people who designed it had "many questions," said Gaga dryly.

He said that the suit, instead of a dress, was men's clothes for women. While he was wearing it, he remembered starting to cry.

"In this suit, I felt like me today," said Gaga, getting excited. "In this suit, I felt the truth of who I am well into my gut, and then wondering what I meant tonight was very clear to me."

She took a deep breath before speaking again.

"As a survivor of sexual assault by someone in the entertainment industry, as a woman who is not yet brave enough to say her name, as a woman who lives with chronic pain, as a woman who was conditioned to an age Very early to listen "" What the men told me to do, I decided today that I wanted to regain power, "he said.

Gaga added: "I had the revelation that I had to be empowered to be myself today more than ever. To resist Hollywood standards, whatever that means. Resist dress standards to impress. To use what really matters, my voice. "

The star's decision to wear the male suit is a power movement that women are very familiar with. For more than a century, pants and suits have always been worn by women to challenge conventions.

In the mid-1800s, when women were still expected to wear painful corsets and hard-to-handle long skirts, women's rights activists popularized the "Turkish trousers," a set consisting of an up-to-the-knee skirt much more manageable combined with loose pants, according to the Smithsonian magazine. Amelia Bloomer, Lily's editor, the first women's newspaper, is widely associated with the brief trend after printing an image of her wearing the newspaper's revolutionary clothing, the Smithsonian reported.

Throughout history, costumes continued to be linked to strong female figures and women's movements.

There was a "suffrage suit" in the early 1900s that allowed the user to walk unrestricted through the tight hems. There was an increase in women in zoot suits in the 1940s. Carried by "pachucas", a subculture of Mexican American women, the "Zoot look" symbolizes "rebellion, difference and even anti-Americanism," wrote Catherine S. Ramírez in "The woman in the zoot suit."

Fast progress of 40 years, and it was the era of the unforgettable "power suit". With his big shoulder pads and long jacket, the suit was meant to guarantee success in a corporate world dominated by men, NPR reported.

On Monday, an empowered Gaga, dressed in her suit, called on women.

"Let's raise our voices, I know we are, but let's be stronger," he said. "And not only as women, but as humans. … For me, this is what it means to be a woman in Hollywood. It means, I have a platform. I have the opportunity to make a change. "

When she finished her speech with the usual thanks, Gaga took a moment to give a special shout.

"To the designers who sent me all those beautiful dresses, thanks too," he said. "He taught me something that I needed to learn again today."

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