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The Metz Queuleu health center welcomes children and adults, separated into two services that work separately.
The Metz Queuleu health center welcomes children and adults, separated into two services that work separately. RICHTERARCHITECTS SITE

If architecture is the art of solving the quadrature of the circle, do not stole the consultation and psychiatric care of Metz, in Queuleu (Moselle), its Square of Money. Delivered Monday evening November 26th by a jury led by Bernard Plattner, Director of the Paris Office of RPBW, Renzo Piano Agency, and wins this year in Equerre d'Argent for the Palais de Justice in Paris. , this award marks a gesture whose elegance, sober monuments, the quality of interior space, so many signs of a particularly nice sensitivity to the context, the landscape and the fragile state of future users.

"A psychiatric facility must be a protective place, which also allows patients to reopen the world" summed up Pascale Richter to describe the challenge for her and her coworkers. This delicate dialectic is supported by a raw concrete that will properly openwork (and the fine work of the artist Grégoire Hespel) that encloses the entire building.

Separating spaces reserved for adults from those dedicated to children removes the activity of the center from the street, multiplying it into the views of various courtyards, terraces, terraces, but also on the outside of the sky and the vegetated landscape where the building comes to blend. At the same time, on the other hand, he offers a new and strong character in ZAC, previously without quality, Hauts de Queuleu.

New price for landscaping

Organized by professional publications The screen and AMC, Equerre d'Argent, similar to Goncourt in architecture, rewards annually "the best building built in France", and in addition a handful of others, the winners compose some kind of digestive architectural highlights of years in hexagonal territory.

By awarding the special jurisprudence to La Fayette assumptions, the Galeries Lafayette Foundation of OMA, the agency of Rem Koolhaas (associated with the Paris bureau Data Architects and on behalf of Citynove Asset Management), the jury welcomes this visionary architect, a brilliant thinker of the city, as Paris has long wanted without being bold to offer to him.

As humble as it is in view of its colossal work, this small machine for the production and exhibition of contemporary art is housed in a building in Marais which the architects of France's buildings have jealously guarded from any change can undoubtedly appreciate being the memory of the fabulous The projects that the Dutch architect of Parc de la Villette (1982) imagined or reconstructed the Forum des Halles (2004).

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Will defend the project the same morning before the jury, Rem Koolhaas was not present for the ceremony. He returned to Jean Nouvel, the second "starchitecte" presented on the maps, to ensure only the prestige ceremony for the ceremony. his Marseillaise, a large blue-and-white-red office tower was built for the Constructa developer assigned to the "activity" category.

In the "habitat" category, the prize was awarded to the researcher Julie-Victoire Daubié, directed by the talented agency Bruther for the property management of the city of Paris in connection with the recent development of the University of Paris. Located on the edge of the ring road, this complex structure of glass and metal is open dialogue with Jean Prouvé's former Iranian house (and today's Avicenna Foundation), characterized by a Cartesian saving, a raw relationship to the material, light and space that, given a kinetic sensory trendpop art, produces an aesthetic quality that may qualify as a French spirit.

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New this year, the cost of landscaping went to the Eco-district Noés, Val-de-Reuil (Eure), directed by Philippe Madec on behalf of the housing company Eure. Sustainability guarantee in a price list that gave pride instead of concrete, this project as the jury emphasized "Assuming a response to the ecological urgency and social need This is no less rewarding to the author's strong environmental responsibility, which was included this year in the finalists of the Grand Prix de l'architecture.

Finally, note the "Youth, Culture and Sport" category, the Calais gym, performed by the Face B agency on behalf of the city, and in the first place, the institution's school restaurant Our Lady of Pamiers (Ariège) of Cros and Leclercq, for the real estate association Jeanne de Lestonnac.

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