Kylie Jenner sweeps on Instagram with her new look

adminDecember 31, 2018

Kylie Jenner It has got used to us continuously changes in appearance. The richest sister in The Kardashian-Jenner clan has gone through brown-brown, blond and smooth pastel pink. But now he wanted to move on and colored his hair again to welcome him in 2019. Of course he has chosen a blue fantasy who have left their fans speechless.

We don't know if it will convert this color in trend, considering that everything going through Kylie's hands becomes devastating on social networks. So we wouldn't be surprised at this blue fantasy Be it fashionable tone this 2019.

The smallest of Kardashian has shown that he does not settle to live the life of a single color and has invested in recent years for different hair colors. In August, on the occasion of his birthday celebration, Kylie Jenner surprised with a platinum blonde with extensions and only a month later she dyed her hair pastel pink with a product of semi-permanent dyes.

Although it has not been the only thing celebrity to surprise us with a glimpse of the last few days: Lady Gaga has also risked with a new hair color and it has gone on purple color.

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