Kylie Jenner dresses up as a Barbie doll for Halloween

adminOctober 31, 2018

It's a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!

Kylie Jenner just shared a photo of her Halloween costume and transformed completely into a real-life Barbie doll. In a new Instagram publication, Kylie is packaged and secured with plastic cables in a box of Barbie dolls, dressed in a pink one-shoulder suit combined with a striking necklace, a large and bright blonde wig and a shiny skin similar to the plastic. The whole look is a total recreation of a real Mattel Barbie doll (see the photo of her Instagram story, below, to see the proof).

She subtitled the photo, "Life in plastic, is fantastic …", quoting a letter from the song Aqua from 1997, "Barbie Girl".

Designer Bryan Hearns personalized Jenner's one-shoulder body and worked closely with her stylist Jill Jacobs. Hearns is also the fashion force behind the disguise "Dirrty" of Christina Aguilera 2016 by Kylie.

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In a good capture of the Instagram account, Celebs Comments, a user commented on Kylie's publication, "Well, she's not lying," to which Kylie responded with the word: "duh," probably mocking criticism. Be "plastic" or "fake" all the time on social networks.

And this is not Kylie's first costume of the season.

On Wednesday, Kylie shared photos of her and her daughter Stormi in matching butterfly outfits. Kylie wore a light pink suit with lace sandals and oversized wings, while Stormi combined with a pink shirt, a sweatshirt and her own set of mini wings and wore a butterfly clip in combination in her hair.

Seeing that Kylie had a second costume change, we are vigilant in case Stormi can dress again today as well.

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