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adminOctober 12, 2018


Softball and the Kardashians are two things that should not be. Kim almost took her mother by throwing a ball at her head, causing Kris to fall and hurt her wrist.

Athletics appears among the Kardashians begins and ends with grueling gym sessions. Surely they do not understand softball, as evidenced by a new clip for the October 14 episode of keeping up with the Kardashians. Kris Jenner, 62, and daughters Kim, 37, and Khloe, 34, appear on a baseball field and hilarity occurs. Koko actually knew the basics, like where the pitcher's mound and home plate were, while Kim wandered around with no idea of ​​the elements of a baseball field. Kim also did not come prepared to round the bases and announced: "I'm not wearing a bra, so I can not run very fast."

Fortunately, Khloe was able to at least put Kim in the batter's box and Kris on the pitching mound before getting out of her way wisely. Kris threw balls to her daughter, but none of them approached an attack area. He even hit Kim in the leg! Finally, she was able to reach and connect with a pitch when Kris approached the home plate. When Kim finally received a blow, Kris received the ball and chased her since she did not have a first base to throw. Even then things went wrong when she announced loudly "I peed" for trying to run too fast.

Then it was Kim's turn to throw to beat Kris and things got worse. The cosmetics mogul threw the big lime-green ball at his mother and Kris had to plunge into the ground to keep from hitting her head. Initially she was laughing, but then she grabbed her left wrist, saying that he was hurt. "This is definitely disappointing, there's not much skill here," Kim admits in a confessional, while Khloe asked, "Were you pointing at Mom's head?" Even though she looked that way, Kim seemed horrified, telling him "No!" It's not the first time that women play softball. In March they were trained in sports by the legend of the Yankees and a friend of the family. Alex Rodriguez, 44. It seems that those lessons were easily forgotten.


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