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adminJanuary 9, 2019

Koray Avci, who met with an extraordinary change in 2019, showed the attention of his new image at a awards ceremony he attended last night.

Koray Avcı changed their image. The singer who has her hair is associated with the best city award ceremony of the year.

Facing the press members Koray Avci answered the questions to him.

"I'm burned with 42 degrees fever, I ate three serum. I'm probably going to the hospital when I get out," he began singing. "This does not prevent us from coming here tonight and not supporting our disabled brothers. Never need to forget," he said.

In response to the questions posed to him about the new image of Koray Avci, I wrote Türkan ayoray last week at a prize giving ceremony. Türkan Hanım called, "This country is more than two Turks," I said. I have been. "

"Joke, of course, these friends. I wanted to refresh a little. That's all. I don't think it's so bad. Sometimes the change is good," he managed to make everyone laugh.

After the interview, Koray Avcı took the prize in 2019 from the Foundation for Handicapped Life.

Until 2020, a very intense concert program, which tells Hunter, as the program hand in hand, underlined that social assistance projects will play an active role.

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